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Experienced & Reliable

All the Time Moving has over 9 years experience in the moving industry.  We take great pride in our work and delivering your precious cargo in a great shape.

Moving with Care

We arrive with all the blankets, ropes, ties, dollies to ensure your move is successful. 

Our Guarantee

We guarantee to arrive on the day of your move!  We know how stressful move day is and you can count on u


Residential Moving


Gearing up for a big move? Whether you’ve outgrown your space or have decided to downsize, moving into a new home is an exciting time and we’re here to help it go smoothly.


  • Professional, experienced movers
  • Fair and reasonable pricing
  • Free and accurate moving quote
  • Delivery of your belongings inside of your home and furniture placed where you need it
  • Consistent communication throughout the move

Commercial Moving



Once you’ve made the final arrangements for your new space, give All Day Moving to start your moving process! After providing us with the size and layout of the office, we’ll provide you with a quote and schedule a day and time for your move.

On the day of the move, we will take inventory of everything that needs to be moved prep all office furniture and equipment to safeguard it during the trip before moving it to your new space. If you have a larger office, keep in mind that the moving process might take an extra day or two!

Specialty Moves


 It’s important to keep your valuable items safe and protected during a move so you can enjoy them at your new home. More often than not, these items are of awkward sizes and shapes, making them hard to move as homeowner without damaging them. By hiring specialty moving services for these items, you reduce the risk of damage associated with a do-it-yourself move.


We never take any shortcuts when it comes to moving your valuable specialty items, no matter how long the move might take. Once you inform us of the items you need moved, our experienced team will arrive at your home to asses the items that need to be moved and determine the best way to do so. Once the items are properly protected, they will be brought down to our truck to begin the transportation process.

Depending on the item and it’s size, our team will take different precautions when preparing the item for the move. If the item is heavy, we will utilize rollers and carts to bring the item from your home to our truck.


There are several items that are considered valuable and require specialty moving services. Over the years, our team has seen just about everything, which means we have a moving solution for any situation.

  • Pianos
  • Artwork
  • Grandfather Clocks
  • Pool Tables
  • Oriental Rugs
  • Figurines
  • Appliances


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Rate Information

Additional Information

We charge just $120 per hour Monday through Thursday for two professionally trained, movers and a 26 foot long truck. On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday our weekend rates are in effect and are listed as follows: Friday and Sunday the rate is just $135 per hour and on Saturday the rate is just $135 per hour. We also have a one time fuel trip fee of $49.95 to cover fuel and supplies like shrink wrap, moving blankets and dollies, but we :

We have a 2 hour minimum and after the first two hours we charge in 15 minute increments, and have no mileage fees  or materials charges. The time starts when we get to your home, and ends when we finish the final delivery. For moves located more than 15 miles from our shop, we do charge drive time so that the movers are paid for the extended driving time. Our experienced movers are on salary, so you don't have to worry about them milking the time. (They get paid the same whether your job last 2 hours or 5 hours) We understand that everyone has a budget, and we will work hard to get your move done as quickly and safely as possible. To try to help you we have put together a quick estimate of how long it takes to complete an average move. Please understand that this is just a rough estimate and that the actual of cost of your move cannot be determined until the move is completed due to factors such as driving time and furniture or appliance disassembly. Many moves are completed in less time than the below listed quotes, and many movers will make you promises over the phone that they will get the job done faster, but if you take the time to shop around you will find that these are the honest and realistic time estimates to complete your move. We would rather give you an honest estimate up front than have you surprised and dissatisfied in the end.At All the Time Moving we work hard to bring you the best value in moving and our rates and pricing policy reflects that.



One bedroom apartment

Average 2 to 3 Hours

Two bedroom apartment

Average 2 to 4 hours

Three bedroom apartment

 Average 3 to 5 hours

House Rates

Three bedroom house

Average 5 to 8 hours

Four bedroom house

Average 8 to 12 hours

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26'ft Truck


  •  Cost per mile                 included
  • Moving Blankets             included
  • Fuel Cost                        included
  • Dollies                             included
  • Electric Liftgate               included
  • Shrink wrap/tape              $20.00
  • Insurance                        included
  • Labor                               included

UHaul Rental


  • Cost per mile                 $1.19/mile
  • Moving Blankets             $10/dzn
  • Fuel Cost                        $2.49/gallon
  • Dollies                             $7.00/ea
  • Electric Liftgate               Not Available
  • Shrink wrap/tape              $20.00/roll
  • Insurance                        None
  • Labor                               included

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